Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trial and Error

Have you ever started to make something that ended up taking far longer than you imagined it would?  This happened to me last night. I started to make roasted red pepper soup, but by the time the vegetables were actually properly roasted and the skins were peeled off the peppers (very time consuming), I was an hour into the preparation. By the time I finally had it prepared, I decided it was way too runny, and I would need to "fix" it the next day by adding some potato. We ended up eating grilled cheese sandwiches!

Where the magic happens...or in this case where it didn't!!!

I love trying new recipes, but sometimes it just doesn't work out, which usually ends in me making a long distance call to New Brunswick for extra help! Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, (fitting for food as well I think)! I love Canadian Living's recipes; I'm trying their chicken cacciatore  tomorrow!

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