Thursday, November 10, 2011


Because we rent, we're limited with the changes we can make to our house. To date, all I have really done is change all of the window treatments and remove the wallpaper boarders from our spare bathroom and office. When we were in Nashville I found some amazing light fixtures that I would love to incorporate into my design one day.

 This one was in Jason Parker Counce's booth at the antique show- I love its rustic qualities.

These ones were all over the hotel, and I fell in love at first sight!

This was at Merchant's Restaurant, and I think it would be neat in a giant bathroom!

This image is from Edie's Life in Grace Blog, from her 31 days series. Edie's new kitchen features these gorgeous industrial pendants that I absolutely adore. If I had any say in the matter, these would be over top of my buffet in the kitchen tomorrow!

Happy Thursday, we're almost at the weekend:) 

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