Monday, April 13, 2015

The Best

It's amazing what nicer weather can do to the spirit of a new mom that's been cooped up all winter! I've consulted all my mama friends and they agree, so it must be a thing!

Baby girl loves her some swinging, and I just couldn't resist sharing!

Monday, April 6, 2015

7 Months Oh Wow!

Little one is seven months old, and it's hard to believe how much she has changed in a month. While we're still not sleeping perfectly by any means, napping continues to improve and it feels like progress is being made. The big news to share is that we are mobile! C is officially a crawling machine and she is attempting to pull herself up on things. She is also a lot more steady on her bum and goes from crawling to sitting with ease. Another big hurdle for this paranoid mama of a child with food intolerances is that we tried egg and so far so good. Wheat toast is next! She has also increased her vocabulary to Dada AND Mama!

Grabbing all objects and putting them in her mouth
Smiling for pictures
Chicka Chicka ABC Book
Grampy's Coffee Cup
Fisher Price Little People
Knocking over buildings
Bare bum time

Bath time cream routine
Not getting her way
Getting dressed

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