Sunday, September 30, 2012

Run Day Fun Day

This weekend was consumed by the Run For The Cure. I started volunteering 3 years ago after my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can't be with my family in Fredericton every year, so I decided to get involved in Toronto. It's Canada's largest run with over 20,000 participants and 1000 volunteers.

Here is my family at the Run in Fredericton, the bibs and pictures on the shirts are what get me every year, both looking at this photo and everywhere I turn at the Toronto run.  
Hope you guys had a great day!

How could you not want to do something for this worthy cause when you see Miss Abby's photo below:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab Find Friday- Vintage Sparkle Clutch

Last weekend I visited Value Village in the afternoon for some thrifting therapy. I walked away with some great finds including this great vintage beaded clutch. I love the detail and it might even make am appearance next August!

We have a full schedule this weekend including coordinating the volunteers for the largest Run For The Cure in the Country and attending a fancy charity gala through Chris' work- looking forward to October...hopefully i'll have time to get out my fall decorations!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Dress Woes

Save the Dates Mailed- check
Get the dress- close!

I've tried on more than a dozen wedding dresses now, and I think I'm close to finding the one! The last place I checked out is a great spot in Bloor West village with a catchy name. Lidia helped me try on gowns and she was awesome!

And even though I didn't say yes to the dress I did get to spend the afternoon in one of my favourite neighbourhoods and I treated myself to a second cup hot chocolate and a beef samosa!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome Fall

I love the fall, it's by far my favourite season. Swishing leaves is among my most desired activities and who can say no to a pumpkin spice latte (Chris may or may not ask for them year round).

One of the true tale signs of fall for me is apples. My parents have an apple orchard and when I was small I used to pick an apple on my way to the bus in the fall. Despite the fact that this is the regular set up on my recipe book cupboard (the basket usually has bananas in it), today it spoke to me! I love the way apples look in my green bowl (that I've had for ages) and how the green is picked up in my rolling pin handles. The apples sign came from DA (I rescued it from the yard sale)! My recipe box is a Michael's find.

Happy Monday all. It's a crazy week, but there's a light and hopefully a few blog posts coming your way!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy Lady

I didn't post yesterday because as promised September is nutty. I did enjoy a fabulous strawberry cupcake from prairie girl cupcakes and about halfway through I thought "wow, I should have taken a picture for my blog." I even considered turning it around and pretending it wasn't half eaten but this story is much better in my mind.

These next two weeks are intense and I'm just focused on getting through. I worked from home today to focus without much for no distractions.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fab Find Friday: Christie Deals

As promised, here are a few of the finds I purchased at Christie last weekend! The most exciting item was definitely the half pint crown jar. I have never seen a half-pint, and absolutely had to add it to my collection. I think he is going to live on my dresser:)

The bread box was also a good find, it was paired with a round tin canister for $9, I had no interest in the canister, so I told the guy I would give him $5 for the bread box. He said "That tin's tiny, it's not worth anything- I need $7", I told him the best I could do was $6 and he let me have it!

I loved this local Tea Tin! It currently holds some of my modern loose leaf tea canisters!

I bought one more item, which was a unique piece that I will use for the wedding, but I need to get a good shot of it before I share.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big News!

I finally put my 6 year old motorola flip phone to rest and got an iPhone! It has been a very exciting couple of weeks learning all the different things that I can do with it (including posting my blogs)! The application I was most excited to download and start using was definitely instagram. I have been drooling over everyone else's vintage square photos and couldn't wait to take some of my very own.

The first subjects were the kittens of course:

Hardcore Antiquing

This weekend was the annual fall Christie Antique Show. This show happens at the end of May and September every year. It is a one day only show, and is on rain or shine.  We've been in the rain before, they put hay in the field to soak up the mud, you get to wear rubber boots and it's a good time. But we have never been in a downpour...until now! When I arrived at Doug and DA's on Saturday morning (after 3 hours of sleep due to my DD status for Friday's Men's Night Out), it was pouring. We decided to go as far as Burlington for a coffee and make a call from there.  We decided to brave the rain, so with two coats, an umbrella, gloves and wellies I was ready to go. 

Nobody was prepared as much as my friend Doug, you could tell he was just waiting for a day to don his bright orange slicker and fill in as the traffic director! He was easy to spot the whole day, until he walked in front of the bright orange porta-potties! Here are a few images of the sale, i'll be back later in the week to post my finds:)

Cool idea- old platter with the base covered in chalkboard paint!

Look at all the water!

Loved this piece- they used tin ceiling tiles in the back of this cupboard

Love the bird cages and the chest!

This door spoke to me, if I'd had a place for him I would have tried to make him mine!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


This weekend I primed and put the first coat of paint on my rocking chair. I'm not totally satisfied, but nothing some fine sanding paper and another coat of paint won't fix! I'm also picturing a sweet little red chair pad to make it a bit more comfy. Jury's out on where it's going to go, but it's a happy colour, so we'll find a place:)

That's if I don't run it over in my garage (I may or may not have crashed into with my car twice already)!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Haul

We went to Brantford this weekend to visit Chris' Parents and check out the Paris Fair. The fair on Saturday night did not disappoint! The demolition derby was fun to watch and we got to check out all of the animals in the agriculture building...roosters are not to be messed with!

On the way to the Paris fair, I noticed a number of signs for garage sales of neighbours taking advantage of the annual increase in traffic. We clearly had a derby to get to, so I made a mental note to entice Chris' mom to come with me the next morning. It didn't take much enticing (she loves stoping at random sales), so we were off bright and early to check out the goods. Turns out there's an annual antique sale in Paris over the labour day weekend at Paris Road Antiques, so we stopped in to check it out.

Here's what I found there:

Two old coffee tins, two small fruit jars and one large blue tinted bottle. I also picked up an old seed bag (not pictured)

Then we headed out to see what else we could find. We got a lead from the lady at the antique sale that a gentleman up the road was a bottle expert and was having a garage sale. He told me he has sold a lot of his collection, but still has 30,000 bottles and jars left! I purchased the two large crown jars below from him. Then we found the mother of all garage sales, where I purchased the pink pyrex, the pyrex juice bottle, a Johnson Bros platter and an old Better Homes Cookbook. The total for the four items came to 25 cents...yes cents!!! I couldn't believe it, and I thought I was ripping the guy off, so I gave him a dollar...for some reason a dollar just felt better! He had an old ladder for $3.00, but I just didn't think Chris could handle another ladder being added to my collection!

I hope you had a nice Labour Day weekend. It's back to school for a lot of my teacher friends and family this week. September is a little bit crazy for me, so I may only be posting once or twice a week until October.

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