Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hardcore Antiquing

This weekend was the annual fall Christie Antique Show. This show happens at the end of May and September every year. It is a one day only show, and is on rain or shine.  We've been in the rain before, they put hay in the field to soak up the mud, you get to wear rubber boots and it's a good time. But we have never been in a downpour...until now! When I arrived at Doug and DA's on Saturday morning (after 3 hours of sleep due to my DD status for Friday's Men's Night Out), it was pouring. We decided to go as far as Burlington for a coffee and make a call from there.  We decided to brave the rain, so with two coats, an umbrella, gloves and wellies I was ready to go. 

Nobody was prepared as much as my friend Doug, you could tell he was just waiting for a day to don his bright orange slicker and fill in as the traffic director! He was easy to spot the whole day, until he walked in front of the bright orange porta-potties! Here are a few images of the sale, i'll be back later in the week to post my finds:)

Cool idea- old platter with the base covered in chalkboard paint!

Look at all the water!

Loved this piece- they used tin ceiling tiles in the back of this cupboard

Love the bird cages and the chest!

This door spoke to me, if I'd had a place for him I would have tried to make him mine!

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