Thursday, November 27, 2014

3 Months- Are we there yet?

Well we made it to three months! While my darling girl has not really lengthend her sleep or feeding schedule (as I was rudely mispromised by so many publications that I am now officially boycotting), she has developed a ton in the last month!

She likes:
Playing with toys (ie holding things long enough to stick them in her mouth). Her favourite is her blue oball.
Sitting on the counter in her bouncy chair watching mom cook.
Splashing in her new bigger bathtub 
Rubbing up to her kitties especially Missy

She dislikes:
Her carseat 
Sleeping in her crib between the hours of 3am-8pm!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

3 became 4

My mother and I are very close, I call her almost everyday. Her mother and my grandmother lives 5 minutes up the road. She babysat me growing up and the three of us went shopping together almost every Saturday when I lived at home. 

Two years ago we took this picture:

Last weekend we took this one:

I hope that Charlotte calls me everyday when she grows up. My mom often used to say I told her everything even the stuff she didn't want to know. I wish for that openness between Charlotte and I. I also hope she has a strong bond with her Geandmothers. This was such a special relationship for me growing up. I know it will be harder since neither one is 5 minutes up the road, but definitely will be worth every extra effort.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is a lot different these days. If you think about how the Facebook pics have changed in the last 5 years- it's pretty hilarious. We've gone from women trying to make every cute costume from childhood a little bit sexy to sweet babies in fleece costumes of cute animals. Charlotte had 3 outfit changes on Halloween, and it was definitely fun to dress her up and take her picture. Next year we might actually go out trick or treating!
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