Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Christie Favourites

Last Saturday was my favourite day of the year; the Spring Christie Antique Show. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, which meant the prices were a bit higher, but there were definitely great treasures to look at!

Here are a few of the items that caught my eye, but didn't come home with me:
Top Left- This coffee table was amazing, but it was also $945
Top Right: This cart was a good deal, and I thought maybe it could be used in the Nursery closet, but I wasn't sold on it, and it wasn't there when I went back for a second look
Bottom Left: The orange door would make an awesome blackboard
Bottom Right: I loved this little shelf, but I didn't love its $95 price tag

I did end up walking away with two items, a small picnic basket and this great windsor back rocking chair. The rocking chair is going to get a fresh coat of paint and a new cushion, which will be the subject of a future blog post!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Projects: Family Edition

My brother and father were in town this weekend to help Chris with two big projects. The first was building a deck off of our family room and the second was fixing a part of the ceiling in the nursery. They literally worked all weekend, and Dad managed to squeeze in some bonus projects too. The deck looks great and with a bit of cleaning the nursery will finally be ready for this momma bird to nest! We bought some exciting paint colours for the furniture in the nursery and one of those colours might just end up on an accent wall as it is so beautiful! 

I am so thankful that the men in my life went above and beyond this weekend to make our house feel even more like a home!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Browsing: Chapters Indigo

On Friday, I had some time in the afternoon to grab and iced chai from Starbucks and leisurely browse the Indigo home section. Although I felt most everything was overpriced, there were a few items I thought were cute enough to capture and see if I could DIY or find a deal on somewhere else.

Be Yourself pillow- love this message and thought would be cute on a Nursery chair.

Letters- I definitely want to find one for the nursery as Chris and I each have one for our initials.

Age Blocks- thought these would be cute for age pictures and very easy to DIY!

Oyster print- love the message, I'm finding tons of these I love, but you can find some great free printables on Pinterest!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dresser Hunting

We were on a mission to find a dresser for the nursery at the Aberfoyle Spring Sale. We looked at almost everything and as you can see from the pictures below there were lots of styles and colours to choose from. We're planning to use the dresser as our change table, so we needed it to be a specific height and length- tip: always bring your measuring tape to antique shows!

In the end we went with this cute 3 drawer dresser with original hardware and casters. It was an absolute steal at $40 and is clearly in desperate need of a paint job (right now, I'm loving the idea of bright red or cobalt blue). Most of the others ranged from $95-$250, and some were a bit too big for the space. We think with some TLC and a fresh coat of paint, this guy will be perfect for our little peanut

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Tale of Two Quilts

We went to the Aberfoyle Spring Show on Saturday and managed to walk away with not one but two cutter quilts in fabulous condition! I love looking through cutters because I love the shabby chic-ness and the colours and patterns are usually my style.

Boy-Cat's favourite is a small square patchwork number that was in a $10 bin of cutters. I loved it and didn't even haggle!

The second quilt was found much later in the day. I had just taken my pick up slip to the loading area for the dresser we found (more on that later), and noticed this sweet quilt. When I asked for the price, the vendor said $25, which was half of what he really wanted. He asked if I wanted it and I said I would have to think about it as I had already bought another that day. He said $20 if I bought right now. At that moment Chris showed up with my other quilt and I told the guy I only spent $10 on the first one. He immediately said, alright let's do $10 and it's yours...I handed him a $10 bill and didn't bother mentioning I would have paid $15. It is absolutely beautiful and in great shape!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Community Yard Sale

On Saturday morning, we participated in the community yard sale in our town. It was awesome to be involved in something community related as well as get rid of some of the stuff we don't use anymore. Tricia and I showed up at about 6:30 to unload our stuff. We had great volunteers help move stuff to our tables, and then we set up. Here is a look at our tables just before the sale started.

Chris showed up to help as well, which was really nice. Probably the funniest story of the day was when he was chatting up a local couple who were interested in my wooden boat shelves, and then I sold them to someone else before he could finish his conversation. I felt really bad! 

As they always say "One Man's Trash is Another's Treasure", we ended up doing some shopping while we were there as well. We found this sweet rocking horse that we thought would be an awesome addition to the Nursery as well as a brand new play yard, the high chair we had registered for, a Sleep Sheep and a some organizers for the closet. All in all I think I probably broke even or made a few dollars when I compare what I sold to what we bought, but we got some great deals! 

Tips for Hosting a Yard Sale:

1. Ask a friend to help- having Tricia organize the table while I priced things out was awesome, plus when things get busy- you'll want an extra set of hands.
2. Price high and then slash prices as you go. At the sale we were at- table owners would whistle and then let the crowd know all items on their table were $1 or 50 cents!
3. Establish price floors- some people will offer you next to nothing for things. For larger items, I like to establish my lowest price in advance so I can stay firm when I am negotiating. I ended up bringing home our manual mower because I couldn't get what I want for it- I will sell it on Kijiji instead.

Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Friday: Reversible Baby Blanket

This DIY Friday is brought to you by my very talented Momma. She made the most beautiful baby blanket for my baby shower. It is a cable knit afghan on one side that she has lined with the softest fleece blanket. I am sure this blanket will be treasured by our little one. It will be great to bundle up the car seat or stroller on cooler days (or on summer days for paranoid new parents)!

Here is a close up of the detailed work and the fleece on the back!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! We are participating in the community yard sale tomorrow and my good friend Tricia is coming by tonight to help me price and organize all the items so we're set for the morning! 

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