Monday, May 12, 2014

A Tale of Two Quilts

We went to the Aberfoyle Spring Show on Saturday and managed to walk away with not one but two cutter quilts in fabulous condition! I love looking through cutters because I love the shabby chic-ness and the colours and patterns are usually my style.

Boy-Cat's favourite is a small square patchwork number that was in a $10 bin of cutters. I loved it and didn't even haggle!

The second quilt was found much later in the day. I had just taken my pick up slip to the loading area for the dresser we found (more on that later), and noticed this sweet quilt. When I asked for the price, the vendor said $25, which was half of what he really wanted. He asked if I wanted it and I said I would have to think about it as I had already bought another that day. He said $20 if I bought right now. At that moment Chris showed up with my other quilt and I told the guy I only spent $10 on the first one. He immediately said, alright let's do $10 and it's yours...I handed him a $10 bill and didn't bother mentioning I would have paid $15. It is absolutely beautiful and in great shape!

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