Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Community Yard Sale

On Saturday morning, we participated in the community yard sale in our town. It was awesome to be involved in something community related as well as get rid of some of the stuff we don't use anymore. Tricia and I showed up at about 6:30 to unload our stuff. We had great volunteers help move stuff to our tables, and then we set up. Here is a look at our tables just before the sale started.

Chris showed up to help as well, which was really nice. Probably the funniest story of the day was when he was chatting up a local couple who were interested in my wooden boat shelves, and then I sold them to someone else before he could finish his conversation. I felt really bad! 

As they always say "One Man's Trash is Another's Treasure", we ended up doing some shopping while we were there as well. We found this sweet rocking horse that we thought would be an awesome addition to the Nursery as well as a brand new play yard, the high chair we had registered for, a Sleep Sheep and a some organizers for the closet. All in all I think I probably broke even or made a few dollars when I compare what I sold to what we bought, but we got some great deals! 

Tips for Hosting a Yard Sale:

1. Ask a friend to help- having Tricia organize the table while I priced things out was awesome, plus when things get busy- you'll want an extra set of hands.
2. Price high and then slash prices as you go. At the sale we were at- table owners would whistle and then let the crowd know all items on their table were $1 or 50 cents!
3. Establish price floors- some people will offer you next to nothing for things. For larger items, I like to establish my lowest price in advance so I can stay firm when I am negotiating. I ended up bringing home our manual mower because I couldn't get what I want for it- I will sell it on Kijiji instead.

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