Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One is the loneliest number


So my baby girl is one as of last Friday and yesterday we went to visit the daycare she'll be going to full time starting on Monday. How did we get here? Seriously, wasn't it just yesterday that we were here??? (note the same expression)!

So I guess it's true what they say- the year flies by. Although it didn't feel like it initially, things were lightening fast from 6 months on. I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to my baby, but I'm going to put on a brave face! At least she's not going away to college...yet!

My one year old likes:
Waving to everyone she meets
Reading books
Chasing cats
And she LOVES dogs

She dislikes
Being told no
Getting her diaper changed
Going to bed

Ps- little one is still not even close to sleeping through the night- should make for an interesting return to work! Here's hoping daycare tuckers her out😊

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1 month to go- 11 months already?

We've reached some pretty big milestones at 11 months, and mommy is really starting to worry about leaving her baby behind as she goes back to work. Charlotte started walking the day before she turned 11 months old. She is a pro now- climbing things and running whenever she takes more than a few steps successfully. The girl has so much energy and personality to match!

She loves
- Dogs
- Stuffies
- Playing Peekaboo by jumping up from the floor when we're sitting on the couch
- Driving her car
- Her Bubble Puppy Book
- Swimming

She Dislikes
- Sleeping longer than 4 hours in a row at night
- Being told no
- Sitting still

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