Tuesday, December 23, 2014

4 Months Bliss?

How have I not posted for an entire month? I promise I had the best of intentions, I even photographed the dairy free gluten free everything free breakfast cookies I made with a plan of raving over their surprising tastiness despite how free they were of anything I once considered delicious. This last month has been busy preparing for the holidays, hosting our annual party and attending several others. I am hoping 2015 and months 4-12 will provide more time for blogging but I am not convinced!

In this busy time our sweet pumpkin has grown to the magical 4 months. We are out of the elusive fourth trimester! Sweet baby girl is growing fast- she's now over 2 ft tall and weighs over 15 pounds!

At four months she likes:
Blowing bubbles and rolling her lips
Sitting on her own with a toy
The jolly jumper!
Her skwish toy
Daddy- her eyes light up and she gives the biggest grin when he walks in the room

She Dislikes:
Napping anywhere except in the car and on mommy

Milestones this month:
Rolling Over
1 6 hr stretch of night sleep
2 plane rides
First Christmas party
Found her feet
Sitting on her own for a few seconds

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