Friday, September 14, 2012

Fab Find Friday: Christie Deals

As promised, here are a few of the finds I purchased at Christie last weekend! The most exciting item was definitely the half pint crown jar. I have never seen a half-pint, and absolutely had to add it to my collection. I think he is going to live on my dresser:)

The bread box was also a good find, it was paired with a round tin canister for $9, I had no interest in the canister, so I told the guy I would give him $5 for the bread box. He said "That tin's tiny, it's not worth anything- I need $7", I told him the best I could do was $6 and he let me have it!

I loved this local Tea Tin! It currently holds some of my modern loose leaf tea canisters!

I bought one more item, which was a unique piece that I will use for the wedding, but I need to get a good shot of it before I share.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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