Friday, November 25, 2011

Thrifted Corner

This is one of my favourite little places of our house. Almost everything in this corner was treasure hunted or "rescued" and refinished or refined. Since moving, the treasures at the end of the roads haven't been as rich (probably a good thing, as I really have no space left for new pieces), but I do miss those days!

My desk is a drop leaf table I picked up at an estate sale for $5! I stripped the top of it for the natural wood, but the legs have a chipped gorgeous alligator patina thing going on that I just couldn't remove!

The chair was bought from a friend of a friend, and is one of the only ones remaining in that gorgeous green (I painted the press-backs black)

The ladder was found walking home from the bus one day. A retirement community centre was throwing it away. In true Jessica fashion, I picked that puppy up and walked it the rest of the way to my house! I must have looked nuts to the passer-bys!It is an extension ladder and has another piece that is stored in my garage. I love it as a magazine rack!

The FYI letters came from value village, and the idea is the picture frame (grabbed at an antique show) will be turned into a cork board, so I can leave FYI messages for Chris and myself!

Have you found any good treasures lately? Do you have a favourite part of your house that just makes you smile?

Happy Friday!

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