Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Save the Date

This is my first Wedding Wednesday post...and I am making a promise (to myself and you) not to turn it into a very regular post, but thought it would be fun once or twice a month to share some of the projects i'm working on or thinking about for the wedding.

I have seen a number of fun save the date pictures on pinterest with the wedding date on someone's shoe, hand, balloons, a barn, etc (you can see them on my wedding inspiration board here).

I found some tin number and letter tags in the bargain section of Michael's the other day when I went looking for my frame (they were $1 each. I picked up our initials and the numbers of our wedding date thinking I might be able to turn this into some fun picture or decor idea.

For the first round, I placed them on one of my wooden crates (seen here)

Then I took a close up 

Then I took a sepia toned picture

Then Chris made it Fancy (he is definitely more fancy than I)

The idea would be to send this out to all of our guests via email or facebook...since the letters only cost $8 and I did the photography myself- it's a pretty cost effective save the date option! I'm going to try hanging the numbers next with twine on my neighbours fence to see if I like that better!

Happy Wednesday:)

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