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So, we've just returned home from a great weekend up north in Gravenhurst. We had travelled all that way to celebrate the marriage of our good friends Shreyansh and Archana, and decided to stick around for the weekend. We had a great stay at Inn on Bay in Gravenhurst, where the host and the Inn exceeded our expectations. This is #1 reason why I agree to let Jessica book B&B's as opposed to hotels when we go away. #1A is the awesome value as B&Bs are generally well below the cost of a hotel. I'm sure Jessica will get into more detail on this in one of her regular blog posts. 

AS FOR ME, I'm going to showcase some meat and potatoes as opposed to the usual girly stuff Jessica posts.

Case and Point Below. Cudos to BALA Legion for ensuring that I didn't spend the entire day Sunday inside the arena at the Antique Show.

Bala Legion Car Show: Sunday, July 1st, 2012.

1ST GENERATION (1964-1973)


The 302 was originally
introduced in 1968

This Custom Built Ford Race Engine
is definitely not original but clearly
this was built with both beauty and power in mind

The interior has been completely restored. The driver's seat is just inviting you to sit down and go for a ride. The dash has a sleek and sexy black/wood design, and the oversized steering wheel, and wonderful PEARL WHITE shift knob makes it easy to clear all four gears, without realizing you've topped out the speedometer in what I'm assuming will only take mere seconds with this custom engine. The original 1968 included two engine options that would give most modern cars a run for their money in the half mile. 

These two engine options from 1968 carry more horses than the current base model 2012 Mustang, and the 427cid is only 20 horses short of the current 412 hp 2012 GT model.

427cid 4V V-8 390hp

428cid 4V V-8 335hp (Cobra Jet)

This vehicle will turn heads on any roadway it drives down. I call this SANS PATINA, because this car has completely removed any signs of PATINA it may have once had, and would look sexy beside any of its younger sisters produced today. THE BEST NEWS IS THAT JESSICA HAS ALREADY AGREED THAT I CAN BUY IT ONE DAY! (Only a few expenses to take care of before then, wedding, house, car loans, student loans...). 

Ahh well, a man can have a dream can't he?

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