Tuesday, July 31, 2012

100th Post! DIY Hot House

This is my 100th post...i'm not sure when I started down this adventure that I thought I'd get to one hundred, but here we are:)

My parents posted some pictures of their latest DIY project yesterday morning, and I absolutely had to share them with you. It seems like every summer my dad builds something new for my mom. So far, he's renovated the house, built a front deck, a shed, and a pergola...if that's not love, i'm not sure what is (although I have joked  that he could be plotting to kick mom out of the house)!

Their latest project is a hot house. Growing up my brother and I used to play in my grandparents' hot house in all seasons. I don't think we actually ever assisted with any potting or growing of plants, but we sure enjoyed making "chive soup" on the hot stove and playing house!

This is my daring mother staining the side window roof!

They built this structure from their own plan...or in the baking world, from scratch which is pretty impressive. They used some old windows from our house as well as the small old wood stove.

Good job guys!

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