Monday, October 7, 2013

Love in the Mail

We got some major love in the mail last week. My good friend Jessica crocheted us a beautiful afghan as a wedding present. At my husband's request, she made it in Toronto Maple Leafs colours and big enough to cover his entire body. At my request, she made it wide enough to share and cuddle.  I am blown away by her talent, and determination to take on such a big project. I had a nap just yesterday under this sweet gift, and it is absolutely wonderful.

What was the icing on the cake of this sweet gift was the very thoughtful message she wrote in her card. Here is just an excerpt that makes me smile:

"...This should not be the kind of blanket you put on display, but rather one that gets used on the daily. It should be the blanket that gets pulled over your head during a scary movie. It should be the blanket that goes on road trips, to the soccer field, to the hockey rink, to the cottage on those chilly nights. It should get covered in cat hair, tear stains, coffee stains. It should be washed often, need to be mended, be patched up, be tossed around. Basically- it should be loved! It should be that hg that you need, the comfort that family and friends give from a distance. Let it remind you of the warmth and love love that surrounded you on your wedding day..."

As you can see, our family has already started to put those directions to good use. I love that we will always have a reminder of our wedding day and my sweet friend Jessica when we snuggle up with this blanket.

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