Monday, October 21, 2013

Daddy DIY

My dad came to visit in July with a trunk full of tools and began tackling my to-do list like a champ. In the end, he put new sills on my east and north facing windows, installed an evesdrough on our porch, hung planks for my front entryway hooks (to be shared in a future post), built us a picnic table, made a track for my sliding doors among a few other things.

His biggest project though was repairing my very uneven unsafe basement stairs that I use on a daily basis. He thought he might be able to rebuild them altogether, but because the wood needed for the sides would be too long to get in through the house, he ended up working with the existing frame and evened out all of the steps. Here is the glamorous after shot:

I know it doesn't look like much but every time I walk up or down the stairs without tripping, I think of Dad and love him even more!

While he was down there, he also hung my peg board. I still have to get these organized (i.e. the pegs are still hanging on the right hand side waiting to be hung up), but it's a good start.

Sometimes it feels like we're moving really slow (I mean this work was done in July and I'm just posting now and still haven't got my peg board done or hooks for my entryway planks), but then I think about everything we've done and the fact thatcher had the busiest summer of our lives and I give myself a pass. It's not a race, this is a house we're making our home and that takes time. Chris reminds me often to stop and take the time to enjoy it, even if it's not "perfect" yet.

Happy Monday everyone!

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