Friday, October 4, 2013

Goodwill Hunting for Treasures

It's been a crazy week as exemplified by my lack of posting. I still want to get up a number of wedding posts, but I am waiting to receive my photos from my photographers. Yesterday before meeting my friends for dinner, I stopped into a Goodwill store for a quick peak at their Housewares and Furniture Section. Here are three of my favourite things that I didn't take home:

Top Left: Wooden Birdcage ($10), Top Right: Wooden Baby Sled ($15) Bottom: Wooden Bench with Storage ($15)
The pillows definitely would have been left behind or recovered!
We have a relaxing Saturday and busy Sunday ahead of us. We're going to Soupfest if the weather holds out, and I am looking forward to making some goodies with all the great veggies that showed up in this week's farm basket! Happy Weekend everyone:)

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