Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Progress...or lack thereof

Hi Friends! Happy's been a long week for me, so i'm definitely glad we're over halfway to the weekend! Wanted to share a couple of pieces that i've been working on. I've read a few blogs lately entitled "what i'm scared to tell you"...this is kind of that post for me as I haven't really made the progress I would have liked on these projects.

This is the pressback rocking chair from my front door. It was outside most of the year, and the paint started flaking. I decided to attempt stripping it, despite knowing the spindle chairs and intricate design would be a pain in the a#! to strip. Turns out this piece has at least 5 layers of paint, and to be honest i've decided it's not worth it! Instead I will sand as much as I can and then this old girl is getting a nice spray of primer and i'm thinking either bright mustard yellow or turquoise paint! Do you have any colour suggestions for me?

This is the window Chris and I picked up for $10 at Aberfoyle to turn into a coat rack. We originally thought we would replace the window with a mirror, but then decided to stick with the window as is...I still haven't ruled a chalkboard...we'll see. I've been chipping away at this piece as well (it has more layers of paint than granny above), have sourced all the hardware, but we still have work to do. I'm going to do a quick wash in a dark stain to make the bare wood spots stand out!

Do you have any projects you've been meaning to get to lately? 

PS- I've added a search box in the top right corner incase you'd like to search a particular recipe or project you've seen here...I used it the other night to find my grammy's brownie recipe!

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