Friday, June 8, 2012

Fab Find Friday: Vintage Fabrics

I'm a bit late with my Friday post this week, it has been a wee bit crazy around here and I am very much looking forward to a relaxing weekend despite a hectic schedule.

I shared my Christie quilt last week and since buying it I've been checking out bias tape and edging options on etsy. I decided to make my own, so went on the hunt for vintage fabric. Instead of going to a fabric store, I decided to take a look at Value Village as I know they often have vintage flat sheets that might work. I hit the jackpot, finding not one but four great pieces.

I loved all of these two much to leave them there. I've officially decided I could make a crib sheet out of the blue material on the left, and the pink material could definitely be a curtain valence! I'm going with the middle yellow fabric to edge my quilt, and measured and cut all of the strips a couple of nights ago- here's what that exercise looks like with kittens:

I also picked up a couple of classic children's books for $1- a hardcover of goodnight moon, where the wild things and love you forever- i'm officially starting a collection!

PS- We have new residents on our porch...Mrs Robin had two babies!!! Happy Weekend!

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