Friday, June 15, 2012

Fab Find Friday: Wooden Crate Table

This post is all about opportunities! When you're out antiquing or thrifting, it's not just about looking for items with only one purpose, more often then not items can be repurposed into something completely different than they were intentionally meant for. 

Take this fine wooden crate for example. I picked this guy up at the Orono Antique show last summer- (August 11 this year for anyone interested) for a mere $22. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect end table for our living room for ages. 

I love the patina, and the fact that the writing is still legible because it's on the side of the box. A little tung oil, a tip on its side and as I used to say when I was little wola, you've got yourself a gorgeous end table then can also double as storage!

Happy Hunting!

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