Monday, June 18, 2012

Big News

Chris pulled off one of the biggest surprises I've ever experienced on the weekend. He told me we were celebrating my champagne birthday downtown complete with a fancy dinner, champagne and strawberries in our room and tickets to Lady Antebellum (more on the concert later in the week). 

Here's a self taken picture of us just after arriving at the hotel

The lovely strawberries and champagne that Chris patiently waited for...

AND THEN...he proposed!

There are no details yet, a good friend of mine told me to enjoy this time and not worry too much about putting a plan together right away...easier said then done, but i'm happy to take her advice at least for a couple of weeks!


  1. amazing!!! i bet that was the best night ever! he did a good job. i can't wait for more details

  2. Congratulations, Jessica. He's a blessed man!

  3. That's the three Jess's taking the big bite out of life...Jessica, Tex Jess and Jess...time flies...


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