Sunday, June 23, 2013

To Do: Second Floor

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We're now on to the second floor of the visual to-do list:


Left: I'd like to repaint the bedroom walls that have been scuffed through the moving process. I would also like to add some shelving or storage along this wall to complete the "dressing room" feel.
Right: The window treatments clearly need work!


Left: The paint colour in the basement was not the same colour as the bathroom wall as planned, so we will need to touch up a couple of walls once we match the colour.
Right: We need to add the storage cabinet I bought, add a rail of hooks and possibly switch out the light fixtures down the road.

Left: Case in point on the light fixtures.
Right: The vent also needs to be fixed, as it is not installed properly.

The towel rack needs to be replaced with a hook rail as currently you can only hang one towel.


Left: A valance or blinds need to be added to this window
Right: The theme of bad lighting fixtures continues!

Craft Room

I'd like to add shelves to this wall to display my treasures and store my craft supplies.

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