Thursday, June 20, 2013

Living with Cats: The Vet Visit Episode

Forgive the awful iphone pictures, but this story was too funny not to document. We took the cats to meet their new vet and have an annual checkup on Tuesday. We bought one huge carrier for them when they were kittens to take them back and forth to their vet appointments and until Tuesday night ten minutes before we had to be at the vet, they didn't mind sharing a carrier.

So after many failed attempts, a few growls and a hiss or two later, Boy-Cat went in a laundry basket!

For some reason, they were much more content when they were in their own carriers. What a great first impression we must have made with the new vet!

The vet was great, and just over an hour after the terrible carrier cramming of 2013, they were both pretty comfortable on the couch (could have been the drugs)!

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