Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Do List: Main Floor & Basement

So I've decided to photo-document some of the work we have to do around the house as an attempt to improve my ability to take before pictures and motivate me to actually get the projects done so I can show them off here on the blog.

Dining Room/Hallway to Basement:

Left: You will notice there is no door leading to the basement. There was...it was brown, I am changing that.
Right: I have also picked up some pegboard from the local hardware store which I would like to mount on the wall leading to the basement so I can hang my tools and cleaning supplies.


Left: Sorry for the bad lighting. As you can see my windows in the kitchen do not have curtains. The ones that came with the house were yellow to match the walls. I'd like to get something a little fresher to match the cool greys and blues we now have going on in the kitchen. I'm thinking a full curtain isn't necessary.
Right: I need to add shelving to a few of my cabinets. I thought I had an extra shelf in my pantry that just needed to be installed...turns out I have a shelf covering a massive hole!


There is a lot to do in the basement, but the number one priority is fixing the stairs. Our inspector said they were uneven and unsafe...my dad is coming in a couple of weeks to help with this project!

I'd also like to find some kind of floor covering solution for the basement as well.

There you have it, i'll be back later in the week to post the second floor to-do list as well as the outdoor to-do list!

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