Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Thoughts

I've been thinking a lot lately about different things that I would like to do around the house now that spring has sprung and we've been here for over a year. This post is more for me to keep track of design priorities throughout the summer, but thought I'd share

1. I would like to keep an eye out for a coat rack for the front room. Our (read: Chris') coats usually end up on the staircase if they don't make it to the back closet, and it would be nice for guests who are just staying a while to have a place to hang their coat. I have the perfect little nook for one.

2. I would like to re-do the back entry way. I have pinterest board dedicated to it.  I would like to install a rail to hang coats (possibly using old pallets) as well as potentially set up cubbies, although I am worried about the cats climbing them. I'm thinking about a bench,mirror, rack combo thing, so I should measure the space before I venture to Christie.

3. I would like to re-do the office upstairs as we do not use the desk, and turn it into a reading room, moving my desk, a rug and table I have in storage. The idea would be to move the exercise equipment downstairs behind the living room. I'm still having trouble sectioning off this huge we'll see...thoughts in process

4. I am also thinking of putting a chest of drawers in the living room for additional storage and moving the lovely metal table that's there now...I wonder if I could add casters to the table and turn it into a cart for the kitchen?

5. If we're in this place for the long haul, I would also like to re-do the spare bedroom. I know it's the boat room now, and that doesn't need to change...but the wall colour has to go.

Summer Find Wish List
Chest of Drawers for the Living Room
Coat Rack (Standing)
Coat Rack (Hanging)
Possibly a small bench
Comfy Chair (possibly rocking) & Ottoman
Wire Baskets


  1. We have a bureau and an armoire in our dining room. The bureau is wide and high and acts a buffet, when we need one and the deep drawers are great for placemats, napkins, table clothes, candles, seasonal table decorations and games. The armoire has shelves we use for glassware and drawers we use for platters, serving pieces and my sewing stuff - I use the dining room table to sew. I like the idea of the bureau in the living room too - again, great storage for games, seasonal decor, candles, etc. We have a beautiful cedar deacon's bench (which by the way, was made by the grandfather of one of our daughter's friends, and it has traveled with us from it's home in Burton for many years now - perhaps you know someone in Burton who makes that type of furniture - it was meant as an out door piece - and for years we had it on our porch, but we love it as an indoor piece)at our back entry way - my only problem is we have gotten into the bad habit of dropping everything on it as we come in the door and it piles up. Any ideas? We also have a beautiful wicker laundry basket under it where we keep a tool box and extension cords - in the winter we use the basket for mittens and such. I would like to add another one for knitted slippers for guests. Good luck on completing your thinking and making changes.

    1. Glad you're still loving your deacon's bench! I have a corner side table he made for me when I was in high school, and it sits in our front entry way now with a basket of scarves underneath! I have a buffet in my dining room that I got for free when someone didn't appreciate its beauty! The washstand is a good fit- we just need to fill it now (shouldn't be too hard). I love the idea of slippers for aunt has a basket of those and it's a nice treat when you're visiting! I'm envious of your sewing in the dining room...I still need to find me a good used sewing machine:) Hope you're having a nice weekend!


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