Monday, May 13, 2013

Splurge or Save: Wicker Trunk

As you may recall, I purchased a large wicker trunk at the Flea Market a few weekends ago. I paid $5.

This weekend I went to the Aberfoyle Spring Sale and saw this guy with a $95 price tag!!! 

The moral of this story is, know the value of the items you're looking to buy and know what you're willing to spend before you approach a purchase (especially when there is room for negotiation). Dealers will have items priced differently because they paid different prices originally and because they have a history of selling items at certain prices. It's also a bit unfair to compare a flea market to an antique show. If you find something old, vintage, antique or just something you love at a flea market or thrift store- grab it! The price will be right and it won't be there for long. At an antique show, you should be prepared to pay a bit more.

I'll be back later in the week to show some of the items I loved as well as the ones that came home with me. Happy Monday:)

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