Friday, May 17, 2013

Fab Find Friday: Aberfoyle Recap

I'm ending the week with my 200th post! Last weekend was Aberfoyle's spring sale, and as promised here are some of my favourite items from the show:
Chippy chicken coop chair, small wooden stool and cute Dove crate. I'm looking for a small wooden stool for my bathroom, but wasn't sold on these just yet!

Sweet industrial stools, shabby chic beauty desk, lovely mint accordion rack. I went back for the rack, but alas he was already scooped up...indecision sometimes leads to disappointment!

Popsicle molds, cute side table, the cupboard I almost bought and an old top-lifting  dry-sink

I don't have all the items I purchased that day photographed, but here are two of the bigger items I took home that day:

Beautiful milk-protein paint finished stool- the epitome of gorgeous patina. It is going to live in my kitchen!

Rustic Cupboard- will be refinished and used in my bathroom for storage!
The Aberfoyle spring show was excellent this year, and hopefully a sign of a great antiquing year ahead! Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian readers. We have tons to do this weekend as it is my big Bridal Shower weekend next weekend and I will have my first out of town house guest!!!

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