Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shabby Chic Door Makeover

When we were in NB on the weekend, I was reunited with my beautiful door from this post. As you may remember, I was trying to decide if I wanted to leave it a window or make it into a chalkboard. Well, the chalkboard won out, and I am fact I am still trying to determine how to get this bad boy back to Ontario after the wedding! Here's how I converted it.

My Assistant (aka Dad), put the door on two sawhorses. I then taped off the window with painters tape.

After deciding this project was better done inside and my door was graciously transported to the shed (can you spy the Wedding Burlap), and then I covered the surrounding area with newsprint.

I then used Krylon Chalkboard spray paint to apply 3 thin coats

After letting the paint dry fully, the next step is to cover it in chalk and then wipe off before its first use. 

I cannot wait to see this guy come to life as part of the wedding decor in August. I'll share the final pictures in my wedding wrap up.

Cost Breakdown:
Shabby Chic door from Kijiji: $10
Chalkboard Paint: $6
Tape & Newsprint (on-hand)
Chalk- On Hand
Total: $16


  1. This is an interesting project! I've been doing lots of DIY projects, but never tried it on a door, maybe because I don't have any idea on how to do it. Nice choice for the chalkboard, by the way. I've been thinking of a glass, but suddenly realize that it's too common. Chalkboard will definitely give a much needed charm for this door. Anyway, how it looks like now?

    Terry Arnold

  2. Love the idea, Jessica! Have you tried using it in your home, though you're reserving it for the August wedding? It would be perfect as a pantry door. With the chalkboard handy, you can write a list of rules, a menu and other what not. Willene@Roofing & More, Inc.


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