Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kitchen Makeover on the Horizon

We're planning to paint the kitchen. Technically this was planned for last weekend, but it was a bit premature (aka we weren't ready to pull the trigger). Instead we spent time prepping, taping and sanding and then priming two sample spots on our walls.

I've known I wanted to paint the kitchen gray since the day we moved in, but choosing which shade was not as easy. There are countless blog posts on the subject (all of which I poured over in a matter of days); YHL likes Moonshine, Layla likes Gray Owl,  and many others I don't read frequently have weighed in on the subject.

Originally Chris wanted Cool Breeze, which looked a bit too blue to me. Moonshine was a bit dark and Gray Owl looked too brown. I found myself coming back to Horizon every time. It's a light and airy neutral gray. I love it, and I think it is growing on Chris too, so hopefully we'll be in full paint mode next weekend:)

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