Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flea Market Essentials

  • Purse with long strap so it can go across my body allowing me to have both hands free at all times.
  • Cloth bag with long handles to hold all my small purchases
  • Coin Purse. I keep a special coin purse for summer flea markets and yard sales. Chris doesn't like having change in his pockets so he graciously donates it to my yard sale fund which is WONDERFUL!
  • Bun-jee cords. You never know when you're going to find something that won't fit in your car with the trunk closed!
Not Pictured
  • Measuring Tape in my purse, always a good tool for making sure furniture will fit in the space you have at home.
  • iPhone for capturing photos, negotiating with your Husband, looking up the value of items and referencing the never ending lists in your notes sections on items you're looking for.
  • Light jacket that can fit in your purse or bag
  • Snacks to tide you or a partner in crime over so you can make "just one more stop before lunch"!
  • Comfortable shoes, rain boots are my go-to in the early spring!

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