Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Gift & Vintage Prints

My sweet friend Sarah gifted me two doilies from her late grandmother to add to my runner that I still need to see together. I was very touched that she thought of me, and can't wait to share the other gift she gave to me when the time is right.

As you know I have taken to seeking out great fabric at thrift stores. Typically the best vintage prints come in the form of bed sheets. The top sheets usually stay in pretty good shape over the years. I've even got my mom searching now. Here's two of my favourites that I found on my most recent trip east! The pink would be gorgeous as a valance or pillow covers in a little girls room and the blue could be a great table runner. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate these two into wedding decor without cutting too much so I can reuse! If I were in a cutting mood, what wonderful bunting the pink would make! As you can see the kittens also took to the prints (I thoroughly enjoy that Boy-Cat preferred the pink and Missy preferred the blue!

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