Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY Black Friday Cart

On Sunday I decided to finally tackle our office. We don't actually use our office for anything more than a storage room and a place for the cats litter and food. I vowed to make the space more functional and after a good clean, a full bag of trash and one for goodwill, I found we had plenty of room to work with! I really wanted an ottoman like piece to pair with the large leather office chair, but didn't want to buy anything new. When I was taking something out to the garage , I noticed the cart!

Chris brought me home this cart last summer. I loved it, but didn't really have a place for it, so it stayed outside acting as a patio side table. I know it's not beautiful, but it has great bones! The first step to improvement was painting the frame, I went with black to match the chair.

The next step to improvement was flipping over the top, discovering a great unfinished surface and staining it a few shades darker! I love how the wood turned out (it never usually works that well for me) :)

The finished product:

Happy Friday, hoping you have a great weekend. I'm off to the Hand Made Market in Beamsville with my good friend on Saturday. Should be a good day!

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