Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: To Pom or Not to Pom

I saw these homemade Pompoms on many DIY wedding sites, but I wasn't quite sure how to actually make them or how they'd turn out. I visited Creative Bag in North York about a month ago (sidenote: this store is INCREDIBLE) and picked up a Pom kit for $1.49. I followed the very simple instructions for the large Pom and ended up with this lovely creation. I'm still not sold on incorporating it into my wedding decor, but it sure is gun hanging from my bedroom ceiling.

As per usual I didn't mention it to Chris and it was dark when he came to bed, so it thoroughly surprised him when he woke up and saw it hanging in the corner!  I'm still planning to make two small Kraft paper poms to add to the bedroom mobile before I make my final decision on the fate of the Pom!

On another note I read a beautiful tribute to Stella on Jentine's myedit blog and it made me want to share this cute shot of the kittens from last week just moments before they tarted wrestling.

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