Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cute Boots & Burlap Woes

I had to be in NB for work on Tuesday, so I took advantage of the trip and visited my parents over the weekend! This is a picture of my mom and her stylish boots. They make me smile, as does her quirkly modelling pose!

This photo was taken after we finished hanging 30 meters of burlap for the wedding on the clothesline. My aunt has graciously offered to make my burlap table runners and backdrop for the wedding. I managed to find a Wholesaler in Toronto to buy my Burlap from. For anyone planning to use burlap for crafting projects...make note it SMELLS. It doesn't just STINKS. The chemicals used to produce this "natural" product have a really strong smell that anyone working with it for the first time will be blown away by.

There are tons of internet posts about what do to get rid of the smell including washing and drying the burlap, but most of the results point to airing it out for a long period of time (and using baking soda)...good thing my parents have a clothes line!

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