Monday, March 24, 2014

Appliance Install Fun

Today is Chris' birthday! We are going to celebrate together tonight and next weekend with his family. Happy Birthday to my sweet husband, this year is sure to bring lots of adventures your way!

He was away this weekend for a work function, but before he left on Friday he installed our brand new dishwasher! This was an interesting project as the dishwasher came with now power cord and only the electric wires to be hard wired. Chris made a trip to the home depot where we bought the dishwasher and they recommended he convert it to a power cord, I am truly amazed at how straight forward this process was once we had all the right materials!

If you're in the market for a dishwasher, there are tons of resources available to review and compare models. We landed on this one for all of its features and excellent reviews. Once we decided we waited for a sale, and then because Lowes was having the better sale, we had Home Depot price match and take an extra 10% off. It ended up being a great deal. The only watch out with LG and Home Depot is that they do not carry appliances in stock. We bought this in February and couldn't get it delivered until March. I don't think this is the same for Lowes, but worth checking out!

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