Monday, January 27, 2014

On the Weekend

We had a great weekend, here's what kept us busy:

On Friday night, Chris took me to the Keith Urban concert (apologies for the blurry iphone photo). Little Big Town opened for him, and they were awesome. Keith was amazing, and he is a crazy good guitar player.

On Saturday I made these brown sugar oatmeal cookies from Pioneer Woman, they are delicious. They make a ton, so I put two thirds of the dough in the freezer. Chris thinks they need chocolate chips, I think they're perfect as is.

On Saturday night, we decided to order Chinese Food from a local restaurant. It was our first time, and when we called they said if they delivered it would be 2 hours but if we picked up only one. We opted to pick up and an hour later, we ventured down to the restaurant. It was packed with pick up patrons (good sign as I think traffic means quality), but we learned very quickly service was lacking. We ended up waiting in the cramped space with five other customers for another hour with the phone ringing off the hook non-stop and nobody answering it. Apparently we made the rookie mistake of ordering after 4 pm. Chris felt like he was living the Seinfeld "Chinese Restaurant" episode, and although the food was good, I'm not sure we'll be ordering again soon!

On Sunday I went to Yoga at Lululemon. Most stores do a free Sunday Morning Yoga class, and it's worth checking out in your area if you've never been.

I also worked on my menu planning skills by making a batch of this quinoa salad and this chili.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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