Monday, December 17, 2012

O' Christmas Tree 2013

Last year's post about our getting our Christmas tree and setting it up was by far one of the most popular, and the one in which I really felt I was actually becoming a legitimate blogger. This year's tree process was so incredibly normal opposite to last year, it's really not even funny (seriously, no comedy here at nothing brilliant to blog about).

1. We decided due to the hundreds  thousands of needles that came off the uber dry ikea tree last year to change our source of supply, so off we headed an hour north of our house to a sweet little tree farm. Ten minutes on the road to said farm we noticed a guy selling trees in a strip mall and decided while not as romantic, they looked good, would probably be cheaper and we could eat lunch sooner #tummyleads theway.

2. The nice man that sold us our tree made a fresh cut on the stump, meaning Chris did not have a chance to show off his lumberjack skills this year #thankmyluckystars.

3. We were able to get the tree in the house in the first attempt, and into the stand (the trusty Omega from last year) in no time at all. There were woops, high fives and all round good cheer that we Chris mandated a smaller tree this year!

4. This afternoon I decorated the little guy (he's still over 6 ft), and enjoyed discovering all of
of my decorations all over again #betterthanchristmas. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I purchased some beautiful red plaid ribbon last year on boxing day. I love how it turned out with my ornaments. It did however mean I needed to cover my new tree skirt with a red pashmina, as the plaids do not match (i.e two very different colours).

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Monday:)

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