Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back

Well, we made it through the holidays, with full bellies, good times spent with family and friends (even the furry ones), and some post Christmas shopping, we had a wonderful week off!

As we approach the New Year this evening, I always like to look back on the year to see what we accomplished, what we're thankful for and what to do with the year ahead!  It was a big year in the relationship department with our engagement in June. A summer 2013 wedding will likely make the first half of the year fly by! As I take a look at my New Year's post from last year, I see that I' ve achieved a few of my goals, and still have a few to work on:

1. Menu planning was the biggest disapointment on my list this year. I tried for a few weeks at a time, and when I made time for it, I found it helped, but I just didn't make the time. I also found that if I made a plan, I wasn't as flexible as I needed to be to match our busy schedules. I think planning at least 2 meals a week is a good goal for 2013.

2. On the blogging side, I think I met my goal. For me, 3 posts feels about right and I am going to continue with that this year.

3. Despite Chris' objections, I feel I did a great job purging throughout the year. We gave away at least 6 large garbage bags worth of clothes, books and household items this year. We still have a ways to go with our January cleaning, but definitely making progress.

4. I did rearrange the office space, which I am pretty happy with including repurposing an old cart. I'd still like to get our diplomas on the wall before the end of January.

5. I'm proud to say I met my yoga challenge, and I've actually started doing pilates fairly regularly as well. I find online deals are a great way to check out new yoga and fitness studios. I think I've bought 3-4 Groupons this year for fitness.

Looking into 2013, there are some other goals that I would like to work on including finishing my post grad certificate, having a fairly stress-free (for everyone involved) DIY vintage wedding, sewing more and starting a new activity or hobby with my soon to be husband!

What about you, and plans for 2013 you'd like to share?

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  1. Jess... you are inspiring me to set actual, real goals!! Happy New Year!


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