Friday, December 23, 2011

Grandmothers say the Darnedest Things!

I love my Grandmother very much, we spent many a Saturday together growing up, and she has taught me many things over the years. When I visited her last month, I noticed that she still had a framed picture of me and my  old boyfriend (we're talking over 2 years now...she liked him very much) on display in her living room. Here's how the conversation went down:

Me: Grammy, you do know Chris and I are coming home for New Years, and that we're going to visit you...
Grammy: Yes, yes, that will be very exciting
Me: So maybe you want to take down that old picture before we visit.
Grammy: No- not until you replace it.

OK, fair enough, she's got a I took it upon myself to print a picture of Chris and I  and include it in her Christmas card.

Grammy received her Christmas card and immediately called my mother. She said "Well, I just received Jessica's Christmas card, and the picture of her and her hunk!".  "I hope that's not the only reason she's dating him."

When I heard this story, I laughed hysterically! I told Chris when we go home, he's going to have to give Grammy a big hug!

My parents are on their way to my house, the last presents will be wrapped tonight, and the cookie platters will be made. We're off to a party tonight- it's definitely beginning to feel like Christmas even if it doesn't look like it outside!

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