Thursday, April 24, 2014

Showered with Love

When I was home for Easter last weekend, my mom hosted a surprise baby shower with my family and friends on the East Coast! It was such a wonderful surprise and so nice to see everyone.

With the help of a few family members, my mom put together a great spread of afternoon snacks. She used the bunting from our wedding and crafted a sweet mobile centerpiece. My favourite touch was the cut up vegetables in the little baby mason jars!
Little Peanut was spolied rotten with sweet blankets, clothes, books and other baby necessities. I think it is driving a few family members crazy that we're waiting to be surprised on gender, but everything itty bitty is adorable no matter what the colour! My mom made me a beautiful blanket that I will share in a future post, and my Grandmother embroidered a beautiful Peter Rabit quilt that is pictured below!

My sweet girlies were in charge of handing me gifts and made good use of the wrapping accessories. My friend Crystal is due the week after me, so we took a 1st picture of the babies together!

The diaper pin game was hilarious. Little Abby had managed to score 3 pins on her own, and then realized a few items were wrapped using a receiving blanket and the same pins! She swiftly took the pins from the gifts to add to her stash, so we had to let her win for creativity! The best part was that she said baby immediately following her win and was then worried she lost it all until we told her the game was over.

Chris was gifted a special shirt to help with dressing the baby!

My friend Caitlin was in on the surprise and made the drive up from Maine to be a part of our Easter weekend!

A big thank you to all my friends and family that came to celebrate and an even bigger thank you to my mom and husband for pulling off such a great surprise!

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