Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Weekend in Food

Last weekend we had company! One of my good friends and her husband came to visit for a visit and an early celebration of her 30th birthday! She had very few "Must-Do" activities while visiting, but one of them was visiting the Loblaws Grocery store in the old Maple Leaf Gardens and another was eating as much yummy food as we could including a dim sum brunch!

For anyone that hasn't been, the Loblaws is pretty impressive. There is definitely a mix of Tourists and Regular Shoppers, which makes things highly annoying for the Regulars (and they didn't mind letting us know) in true Toronto fashion!

When you first enter the store, you see a large Maple Leafs blue leaf sculpture made from the old seats of the Gardens.

The bakery has a section dedicated to ACE Bakery products, and they make all kinds of fancy breads!

The Deli is massif and beautiful (spoken by someone who makes their living off sliced meats)!

Here's our group posing in front of the giant fancy cheese fridge. They will let you try a sample of any kind of cheese they have. We bought Drunken Goat and Avonlea Cloth Bound Cheddar.

The cupcake selection is amazing!

And the macarons are colourful (albeit completely overpriced)!

The loblaws was definitely a fun experience, and if you spend $20, they will validate your parking ticket for 1.5 hours!

We ate so well last weekend, here are just a few shots of our Sushi dinner, our dim sum brunch and Jess and I's trip to IHOP (also overpriced when one finds themselves in Niagara Falls)!

Thank you Jess and Jimmy for coming to visit- we had a blast!!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Jess and happy upcoming birthday, Jess. Thanks for sharing of your adventures!


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