Friday, September 20, 2013

Distressed Door DIY

When we first moved into our sweet cottage home, the door to our basement was painted brown. I didn't really know why...was it to match the beams because i'm pretty sure they're stained. I knew I had to do something once the kitchen was painted gray (it was so hideous I refused to take a good before picture).

Chris pulled the door off its hinges and I gave it three coats of paint after one coat of primer. Once it was perfectly painted, I realized it wasn't perfect. It was missing something...patina, so I preceded to sand all the edges, bumps and dents to create a distressed effect. What is even more amazing is that somehow I carried this very solid wooden door into the house and hung it back up on the hinges all by myself. This had nothing to do with priority or help not being available, but everything to do with impatience (Chris was away for the weekend) paired with intense stubbornness of a woman who hates asking for help. 

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