Friday, July 12, 2013

Bathroom Progress

You'll recall from this post that I have plenty to keep me busy in our bathroom. One of my first priorities was to add some storage to our upstairs bathroom. The previous owners were willing to leave their existing linen cupboard, and when we moved in I regretted not taking them up on the offer, but I really wanted to make the space our own.

I found this old cupboard at the Aberfoyle Spring Show for $65. The inside was completely grey, so I gave the back of the cupboard a fresh coat of teal blue and then painted the shelves and outside of the cupboard white. One tip to keep in mind when you buy a cupboard that you're going to put on the floor is to prop it up with a few thin pieces of wood, otherwise the doors will not open if they're flush against the floor.

The cupboard really is the perfect size for the space, and adds a ton of storage for all of my extra toiletries and cleaning supplies.  I am looking forward to adding a towel rack to balance out the height.

Speaking of bathroom fixes, my dad cleaned and fixed the bathroom vent when he was in town. Turns out it was just installed wrong. I'll be back next week with a recap of everything my dear dad took care of when he came to visit!

Happy Friday everyone- wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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