Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations Part 1

As I noted in my middle post last week, we've decided to complete our wedding invitations in the middle of the packing/moving process, seems sane right? We're almost there after many detailed decisions, trips to office supply and craft stores and me trying as best as possible to hone my perfectionist, straight edge, centered label, aligned stamp skills that are so not me...(my blog is called collecting patina for a reason). I want the invitations to be a surprise to our guests, so I won't be sharing them until a bit later in the year, but I did want to share a few of the details of my process.

Boy-Cat was in on the build process, and Missy supervised the printing

 I designed our invitations and response cards with a graphic designer on etsy. This is a great cost effective alternative, especially if you are planning to have a lot of guests because they charge you a flat rate for the design. I sourced my large envelopes off esty, and the shop was local, so we saved on shipping. We opted to print the names and addresses directly onto the envelopes for a classier look, which also saves on the cost of labels and custom calligraphy. I found a cute stamp at Canada Post earlier in the year, but they have now introduced a custom stamp alternative which is very interesting. Our inner envelopes came from Staples.

Almost ready for the mailbox!

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