Friday, January 11, 2013

Bread Winner!

OK, so you know the story here from yesterday; I had a hankering for some garlic breadsticks to go with my pasta e fagioli. Lucky for me, the grocery store didn't have any, and I had to try my hand at bread yet again. Given my recent history of severe disappointment, my expectations were low (and Chris' were even lower given he asked if we had "backup bread" in anticipation of yet another epic fail).

I have loved Annie's blog for a long time, and she was the first person I turned to when considering a roll recipe. Her soft garlic knots fit the bill, and didn't seem too complicated. She has a great step by step guide, and amazingly they turned out perfectly! The only change I made was to mix with the dough hook for about 5 minutes and not 8 minutes.

After they had finished rising the second time and topping was brushed on

Fresh from the oven

Served with soup!

So here's what I think, I am going to continue making bread from Annie's recipes. The winning combination for my success is bread flour and instant yeast. I know my grandmother who has made bread every week for as long as I can remember would probably say this is cheating, but given my excitement for how well these turned out; I really don't care. I'm calling 2013 the Year of Bread:)

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