Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prince Edward County- The Sights

This is the first of three posts on our trip last weekend to Prince Edward County. This is the Sights edition, I will also be posting about "What we Brought Home" and our Antiques visit. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked because somebody (not naming names) said I looked like a foreign exchange student and walked a number of feet ahead or behind me, hoping for disassociation!

This is the Regent Theatre in Picton. It is a beautiful old theatre (since 1918) that still plays movies and hosts many other local events today!

French Country was one of my favourite stores in Picton! It was absolutely gorgeous, and the shop owner has actually lived in France for many years. They had everything from french linens, scents, glassware and jewelry.

I took this shot for all my MTA/Sackville readers, as we had a Stedmans in Sackville, with a Frenchy's in the basement no-less and it brought back good memories!

This store puts brings the Island and the County together and reminded me of home just a little! Chris and I have a visit to PEI planned in July, and I can't wait to enjoy the Island!

This is the town hall in Bloomfield, erected in 1869! I tried taking numerous shots of this building, and it wasn't until we were in the car, parked in the middle of the road that I got this shot...somebody warmed up to the photo-taking and I couldn't have got this one without him! There's hope yet!

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