Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prince Edward County- Antiques and Finds!

Welcome to the second post of three on our trip to Prince Edward County last weekend. Needless to say, I adored everything about this county and decidedly wanted to move in minutes! One of my favourite things we did when we were there was just drive the county roads and happen across many of the treasures this area had to offer. In my next post, i'll share some pictures of what we brought home, but this one shows you some of the Antique-related places we visited.

When you're driving around the county, you're bound to come across a few antique shops, but there was one I had to visit, just based on its name: "Dead People's Stuff". I had picked up their brochure years ago at Christie, and couldn't wait to check it out. It didn't disappoint, they have a great outdoor section, a "Mantiques" room to keep my better half entertained (so thoughtful) and they're currently working on a "Ladies Room" upstairs.

Old crates- I still have visions of making this happen at some point!

I really love the idea of a guest bedroom with two single beds and white picket fences as the headboards! Chris said no...we'll see what I can do to change his mind!

I have seen tons of great spaces with shutters lately like this, this and this

This was another stop along our journey. Be warned this is not an antique store, but I did manage to find a couple old jars, a great milk bottle and a few old books for under $10!

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