Monday, February 20, 2012

Open Season!

This weekend marked the first score of the 2012 antique season! I have been keeping an eye on craigslist and kijiji for antique fruit jars. I have been collecting these jars since 2008, and i'm always on the lookout. 

There is a jar in just about every room in my house; they have many uses. In my bathroom they hold toothbrushes and cotton pads, in my kitchen they hold flowers and candles and are on display on the ledge leading to our back entry way. There are many DIY options I will share with you over the next little while, but back to my weekend find. A wonderful man named James was downsizing his collection and offered me a miscellaneous variety of 15 quart size or greater jars for $25!!!

Opening the boxes was like Christmas on Saturday's what I found (notice Boy-Cat was very interested).

Then we had a little photo shoot

These were some of my favourites, 2 Balls and The Imperial

These are just dying for some white tea lights!

I'm really excited to put these to use, but they went back in their boxes until i'm ready to put my inspiration to use (or at least redo the display in my back entryway)! As you can see Boy-Cat really took to the new jars (or he wanted a photo shoot of his own)!

PS- I waited to tell Chris until after I had met James and picked up my jars (I thought he may not like the idea of me meeting a stranger in a random parking lot and he had a conflicting appt so couldn't come). He asked me why I kept it from him-  I told him I was excited embarrassed as I'm growing my collection for potential centerpieces (so my good ones aren't damaged and don't vanish)...he didn't ask any more questions!

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